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Welcome to NAPLAN tutor – supporting parents on-line to prepare your child for the 2012 NAPLAN Writing Task – the most demanding tests within NAPLAN.
All information and activities are cutting edge and designed by experienced teachers, specialised in the teaching of Writing and Grammar. Content is reflective of the ACARA 2012 National Curriculum Draft documents, released in December 2010. Today, these English curriculum documents are still in draft format (February 2012). 
We will be constantly up-dating to offer the latest NAPLAN test information and tutoring resources.  So you will find a lot of changes on our site over the 12 months as we lead from the 2012 NAPLAN Numeracy and Literacy tests towards the NAPLAN test results and subsequent programming initiatives.

NAPLAN test 2012 Practice Tests Persuasive Writing

Members Only content pages will be up-loaded throughout 2012.  We too are picking up the pace as we approach 2012 NAPLAN. Because of the speed for this years launch, some documentation is currently in draft form. To kick start your home tutoring program, the critical writing modules are complete and available. As each additional module is edited and polished, they will be added to complete the full set of NAPLAN Writing Tutorials. The 2012 up-dated version will be available via personal email to members only. Additional resources for parent, teaching materials and classroom resources will be published for members. The selection of products will be very limited, and will be specific and proven to have met learning needs.
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